Monkey Puzzle House is a residential recording studio located in the Suffolk countryside near the market town of Bury St.Edmunds. We are just over one hour’s drive north east from London.

Since opening in 2007, our recording studio and its engineers have become one of the most desirable recording facilities in the country. By providing the highest levels of quality and musical input at incredibly competitive rates, we are helping to answer some of the tough questions currently being asked of the international recording industry.

The control room at Monkey Puzzle is equipped with an SSL AWS 900+ console, Protools HD3 Accel, apogee convertors, PMC TB2 or Yamaha NS10 nearfield and Genelec 1038B main monitors. It’s a comfortable and relaxed room that has plenty of natural light and superb monitoring. It’s a great environment to work in.

Our live room is 63.5 square meters (683.5 square feet) with the ridge of the vaulted ceiling being 5 meters (16.5 feet).
The live room has loads of natural light. With all varieties of floor covering (tile, wood and carpet) and timber and fabric clad walls and ceiling all add to provide great acoustic flexibility. There are also a large number of gobos available in various sizes.

There is a fully fitted kitchen and a lounge with Sky TV, DVD player that is available with the studio. Cook for yourselves or try any of the many local takeaways.
There are also a large number of good food pubs from within walking distance to just a few minutes drive away.
There are spacious bedrooms that are available with residential bookings.
Outside in the garden, there is a large terrace area with a barbeque, a large pond and a lawn for football etc.