Help - FAQ

1. What is About? is essentially a social networking site for the music industry. It's a place to promote what you do & find what you need. We offer a variety of options to enable everyone in the music industry across the globe get involved. No matter who you are we have it covered.

The new website allows members to build multiple profiles for any kind of band, muso, venue or music company. This basically means you can sign-up and then build as many profiles as you wish to detail anything and everything you do. 

Profiles offer a wide variety of options to ensure you want for nothing and everything can be achieved from just one login. If you are involved in a range of different activities or offer more than one service/skill you can detail everything on separate profiles and then either link everything together or group profiles to keep everything separate. 

This new structure is designed to give you maximum control over your information, what you are looking for and make everything easily accessible via one login.

The new site now incorporates adverts, so you can either make an advert to promote your services/skills or simply make an advert for something you need to let members find you. The adverts section is very easy to use, you can add anything you like and with a host of options you can detail anything you want.

As the site is new we would appreciate any feedback so if you have any questions or would like any help please contact

2. Who Can Join? is suitable for anyone involved in or related to music. The site is also global so you can join no matter where you are located.

This includes: 

Any type of band, DJ, musician, singer, producer, programmer, sound engineer, audio designer, songwriter & composer etc.

Any type of venue that hosts live music for bands or DJs, from pubs to festivals.

Any type of company involved in music or that offers a service for music related individuals from recording studios & photographers to van hire & hotels.

If you are in some way connected to music we have you covered. If you feel we haven't included you please let us know by contacting

3. Is The Site Completely Free To Use?

Yes, completely free with no restrictions.

4. How Do I Join?

To join simply sign up following the link below. You will then be sent a password to your email address so you can login. This process is instant so if you don't receive an email within a few minutes, please check your spam folder.

5. What Do I Do If I Have Forgotten My Password?

If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one using the link below and either adding in your username or email address. You will then be sent a new password to the email account you joined with.

6. How Do I Change My Password Once I'm Logged In?

To change your password to something more memorable, simply go to your user section when you are logged in and select the settings option on the left hand side. You can then type in your new password & confirm it, then press save at the bottom of the page to update it.

7. I Used To Be A Member Of The Old Venuesandbands.Com How Do I Access My Profile?

All of are old members will need to request a new password in order to login. To do this simply follow the link below and enter your old username or the email address you join with. You will then be sent a new password to your email address.

8. What Is My Basic Profile?

Your basic profile is designed to help members know who is in charge of the band, muso, venue or resource profiles you build. You may be a band member, someone in charge of a venues PR or someone who is involved in lots of things. They simply provide a little info about you and what you do. You can not search for these profiles but you can email the users.

9. How Do I Add Information About My Band, Venue, Muso Or Music Company?

To build a band, muso, venue or resource profile, simply select one of these options in the panel on the left when you are in your user section. You can quickly go to your user section by selecting 'User' on any page in the menu bar when you are logged in. Although profiles look very similar the functionality of them is very different so selecting the correct profile is important so you can find and interact with other members. There is a wide variety of options to choose from and you can build as many as you like. 

10. Can I Build More Than One Profile?

Yes, the site is design to let you build as many profile as you need to detail everything that you do separately, allowing maximum interaction, exposure and control from just one login. We do not allow duplicate profiles but there really is little point in doing this.

If for example you promote or manage bands you may wish to make a profile for each of the bands you work with and one for your company. Or you may be a recording studio that also offers rehearsal rooms. Building separate profile enables members to find exactly what they are looking for, provides better interaction and you can either connect everything you do together or group profiles into sections to keep things separate.

11. What Is Connecting a Profile?

You can connect profiles in lots of different ways. For example if you are involved in lots of music related activities you can build separate profiles to detail each and every skill or service in full. Building profiles for specific things means that members can find you easily and you will show up in the right search results. Once you have built your profiles you can then link them together or just group certain profiles together to keep things separate. This gives you full control over everything you do and helps to maximize your exposure and interaction in the right areas.

For Example:

If you are a DJ but you are also a programmer or a producer you can build separate profiles and link them together.

If you are a record label but you also offer distribution you can build separate profiles and link them together.

If you are in a band but you are also a drum tutor build a separate profiles to gain more exposure and help people find you, then link them together.

If you are an band promoter, band manager or label you can build profiles for bands and your company and link them together.

This way you will be found in the right search results so members can find you. You can also build separate adverts for each profile to maximize your exposure and improve your interaction.

You don't just have to connect to profiles you have built though. 

12. Can I Connect To Other Members Profiles?

Yes, as well as being able to connect your own profiles together you can also connect with other members. If you have friends on the site you can swap connections to gain more exposure, or if you are an event promoter for example, you can connect to both the bands and venues you work with if they are also members. If they are not, you can either build profiles for them or ask them to join to enhance your profile, interaction and exposure. The options are endless and its really up to you how you use and make the most of the site.

If you need any help or assistance please contact

13. How Do I Connect A Profile?

Connecting profiles together is easy. You can connect any profile on to your band, muso, venue or resource profile if you wish to promote them, they are your friends or they provide more information about what you do. To do this you need to know the name of the band, muso, venue or resource (as shown on their profile). Start typing their name into the connection box and you will see the more letters you type the more the options will narrow down. You can then select the member you wish to connect with. You can do this when you are building a profile, or you can do this by editing your profile. The connection will then show on your profile.

14. What Is Favourite Venues?

The favourite venue section is only available on band and muso profiles. If you are a band or DJ that plays at a venue you can add them to your favourite venues to promote the venue and provide more information about where you are playing. If the venue is not on you can either ask them to join or build a profile for them.

15. How Do I Add My Events?

To add events to your profile and the event guide search, simply select 'Event/Gig' on the left hand side when you are in your user section.

You can then complete the basic information such as name, date, details, genre and location. If the venue in on you can also add this to the venue box by typing in the name, also if other bands are playing and they are on the site you can add them as well to better promote the event.

Once you have added your information simply save it and it will appear on your profile and in our gig guide.

16. What Are Adverts?

Anyone can post an advert to either promote what they do or request something they need. You can then attach it to any of the profiles you have built. There are really no limits to what you can promote or request.

17. How Do I Post An Advert?

To make an advert, simply select the 'Advert' option on the left when you are in your user section. You can then either post an advert to promote your skills or services, or you can post an advert asking for something you need. Select the option you require and then fill in the form. You can link the advert to one of your profiles. To do this start typing in the name of your band, muso, venue or resource into the 'Linked Profile' box, then click on it when you see the one you want. You can then complete the rest of the form and press save. Once you save your advert it will appear on the front page, on your selected profiles and be searchable in the advert search.

18. How Do I Edit An Advert?

To edit an advert, go to your user section and then select 'Read All' to view the advert. You will then see an option to 'edit' the advert down the bottom. Whenever you save your advert it will go to the top on front page and in listings.

19. How Do I Message Someone?

To message a user you can either contact them via their profile or you can message multiple users by going to your messaging area and creating an email. 

20. I Need Help, Who Do I Contact?

If you can't find the answer to a problem or you just need advice, please feel free to contact us